Deep Blue Sea Trilogy: Shark Attack Supercut - Thomas Jane, Michael Rappaport

Feast your eyes this supercut of the big kills from the Deep Blue Sea trilogy. The follow-up to the breakout success of Deep Blue Sea 2 (itself a sequel to the 1999 cult hit Deep Blue Sea), Deep Blue Sea 3 stars Tania Raymonde (Lost, Goliath), Nathaniel Buzolic (The Vampire Diaries, Hacksaw Ridge), Emerson Brooks (MacGyver), Bren Foster (The Last Ship) and Reina Aoi. John Pogue (TheQuiet Ones) directs from a script by Dirk Blackman (Outlander). Deep Blue Sea 3 is set for release from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Digital starting July 28, 2020, and Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on August 25, 2020.

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